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Failure to leave a detailed, legally sound and flexible estate plan after your death can result in substantial hardship for your family, including disputes between family members, excessive taxation and forced distribution of property and assets by the government, as well as exorbitant legal fees. Â An effective estate plan will clearly spell out your wishes, identify unforeseen life changes and account for your own medical / financial care as well as the care of minor children.

If you have assets, minor children or need to leave instructions for medical care, a Metro Detroit estate planning attorney from Coppins Law Group, PLLC will work closely with you and your family to draft, review and file all necessary legal documents so you can be assured that your wishes will be observed and your assets properly distributed upon your death. We provide services on all aspects of asset protection, property distribution and medical / financial directives in Michigan, including:

Will: A detailed description of your specific wishes for the distribution of your assets, the care of minor children and a guideline for the Michigan courts during probate.

Living Will: Recent national events have made this a high-profile topic a living will is designed to spell out precisely what medical care, if any, you will approve should you be unable to speak for yourself.

Living Trust: A living trust allows you to essentially bypass probate and estate taxes by leaving assets in a trust that can then be passed directly to beneficiaries upon your death.

Durable Power of Attorney: Often referred to as a “Healthcare Directive” or “proxy”, this document names a person who will make financial and / or medical decisions in your stead.

Guardianship / Conservatorship: Designates an individual responsible for the care of minor children or developmentally disabled persons, or to oversee their property.

Business Succession / Tax Issues: Our attorneys can assist you with issues related to family-owned businesses, including shares, retirement plans and benefits.

Probate: Our legal counsel will guide you through the confusing process of probate to avoid potential problems and ensure a smooth transition for the estate, including all necessary legal filings.

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A sound estate plan is the best gift you can leave your family as they consolidate and distribute your estate after death. Contact a Metro Detroit probate lawyer from Coppins Law Group, PLLC today for a free consultation and comprehensive guidance from needs assessment and initial draft through filing and property distribution.

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