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An emerging area of criminal defense law is sex crimes committed via the internet. These types of crimes have received a great deal of media attention and alleged perpetrators are not only criminally charged, but stigmatized by the media in their communities. At the law office of Coppins Law Group, PLLC, we represent clients located throughout Metro Detroit who are facing internet sex offense charges. We take all of the cases we handle seriously, as we understand the outcome may have a lasting impact on you the rest of your life.

The majority of internet sex crimes with which alleged perpetrators are charged involve minors. Some of these specific matters include:

  • Downloading or uploading child pornography

  • Arranging for sexual contacts with people under the age of consent through the internet (or child enticement)

  • Arranging for sexual contacts with people believed to be under the age of consent, even if they are an adult (a common police sting tactic)

  • Providing what is considered legally obscene material to children through email

Our firm also represents clients that are charged with internet sex offenses that do not involve minors, such as solicitation through the internet.

Sophisticated Resources for Complex Cases

Internet sex crime cases are often very technologically complex; most of the evidence will be in the form of electronic data from computers and the internet. To accurately demonstrate where the content came from and how it may have wound up on your computer requires a rigorous examination by experts in data analysis. Our firm uses computer forensic experts to thoroughly investigate your case. Our attorneys use the evidence developed by our experts to build the strongest possible defense from your specific facts.


Law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney investigate and charge internet sex crimes in an aggressive manner. Contact a Metro Detroit internet sex offense lawyer at Coppins Law Group, PLLC today and let us help you ensure that your rights are protected. Your initial phone call will be returned promptly and we are available to meet with clients outside the office whenever necessary.


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